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Lead gen,
meet next gen

Using home valuation as a lead generation tool has evolved.

It’s real-time and powered by AI. 


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Easily embeddable

Add Plunk’s LeadGen Widget to your website with one line of code. Add the widget to one or more of your high-traffic webpages.

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Plunk’s home valuation provides an up-to-the-second estimated value for over 104 million homes nationwide. We achieve greater accuracy through a unique blend of highly rated valuation models and machine learning technology.


Receive a text as soon as a lead enters their phone number and address so you can respond within seconds or manage your leads through a simple web-interface dashboard. 


*If you need additional assistance setting up the Plunk LeadGen Widget, there will be a one-time $99 set up fee. Contact for assistance

Give homeowners and home buyers what they want

Ask your clients and potential leads to wait for property valuation—and they’ll just call another agent or rely on guesstimates. Don’t waste their time. Don’t waste yours either. Researching comps and local market insights for multiple properties can take hours, even days. 

Make reliable home valuation easily accessible on your own website, and in real time with the Plunk LeadGen Widget.

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And turn powerful real estate data into an effective lead generation tool.

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The first dynamic, real-time, accessible valuation widget

Next generation valuation means real-time access


Everything else is available on-demand—and home valuation should be too. No more outdated comps and hours of research working with old and limited information. The market is changing rapidly, and as a leading real estate professional you need to get ahead of the trends. You need access to up-to-the-minute home valuation.

the new home valuation is dynamic


Homes and the factors that impact their worth are dynamic—so their values are constantly changing, for some neighborhoods—even every second. Plunk unlocks both real estate and non-real estate data—along with the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning—to capture the dynamic value of a single home, a trade area, a key segment, and the entire market to keep you ahead of even the fastest-moving valuations.

ai is not just some hot new trend


Data science has been at the core of our team’s work for over three decades. It is in Plunk’s DNA. We are a group of dedicated data scientists and engineers individually tracking over 104 million homes in the US and analyzing comprehensive data sets beyond the standard information used by the industry—to deliver a new level of transparency leveraging the power of AI and machine learning.


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